Fiberglass tapes are widely used in the industry and is most probably our major specialization in the company at this moment.

  • Composites : manufacturing of water pipes, oil pipes, wind turbine blades and all types of parts for the automotive and railway industry, telecommunication cables, street furniture, etc.
  • Aeronautical Sector: Thermal and chemical insulation.
  • Power Sector: Electrical insulation of electrical motors and generators. Anti-rodent protection for cables.

Basalt fiber

Basalt and fiberglass tapes are basically manufactured for the same applications. It is a relatively new fiber which offers higher mechanical resistance and better thermal properties. The values can be compared to “S2” fiberglass, but at a lower cost.

Basalto - Wovenfiber

Aramids (aromatic polyamides)

Aramid fibers offer a very high tensile breaking strength, even higher than steel. The material is stable until 450º C and is resistant against chemicals and has a low conductivity.
The webbings manufactured with this fiber are mainly used in cables, protective work wear, the aeronautical sector, the nautical sector and the automotive industry.
The most known brands are Kevlar®, Nomex® (Dupont) Twaron®, Technora® (Teijin).

Aramida Wovenfiber

Carbon fiber

At present we are assessing the possibility to manufacture webbings with carbon fibers. The high conductivity of the material complicates the weaving process.
However the great acceptance in the market due to the outstanding strength/weight ratio invites us to overcome the technical issues.

Carbono Wovenfber