We manufacture webbings and tapes in a variety of raw materials and for a multitude of industries, as well as for haberdashery and for the garment industry.

Shoe industry

Rigid and elastic webbings for design and embellishment in the shoe industry.

Haberdashery and Garment Industry

  • Rigid and elastic webbings, for edging, finishing and labeling purposes of garments. We can custom-design your webbings.
  • Tapes for curtains with 16 mm eyelets
  • Leather goods: Webbings forbackpacks and bags.
  • Cotton webbings, polyester webbings, both rigid and elastic for the retail market.
Cintas para calzado – Wovenfiber
Cintas para calzado – Wovenfiber
Cintas para mercería – Wovenfiber
Cintas para mercería y confección – Wovenfiber

Other industries

  • Electrical insulation: A variety of webbings (apart from glass tapes) designed for transformers, mother and other electrical equipment.
  • Laundry equipment: Transport webbings and guidesfor laundry machinery.
  • Mattress industry: : Polyester and polypropylene webbings and edging tapesfor finishing of mattresses.
  • Automotive industry: Edging tapes for carpets and car seats.
  • Awnings: Polypropylene and acrylic webbings for finishing of awnings.
  • Orthopaedics: Webbings for orthopaedic braces, corsets, restraint systems and shoes.
  • Hardware stores: Polypropylene tapes for window blinds.
Sectores industriales – Wovenfiber
Sectores industriales 2 – Wovenfiber
Idustriales – Wovenfiber
Sectores industriales – Wovenfiber